What is Search Engine Marketing?

SEM is a process through which we can achieve top rank in the inorganic part of search engines. SEM can help in achieving instant ranking provided we have to spend some amount of money through a process called bidding. This reason, why SEM is also called paid marketing. And the process is carried out with the help of Google AdWords.

Google Adwords

Google Adwords is a platform on which we can take any website to the highest rank in the inorganic part of the search engine by bidding for the keywords and the website owner has to pay per click if any visitor clicks on the URL of the particular site. This is termed as CPC (Cost Per Click) or PPC (Pay Per Click). Anyhow the price varies with the keyword and the location. The higher the CPC you set, the better the position of your ad.
The most important skill required in SEM is to get the CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) as low as possible. “Venu Digital” has a team of experts in maintaining low CPA to get a transaction done either sale or conversion of service. Our team will understand your business first before starting the implementation of strategies for Keyword Research.

Keyword Research

The Keyword Research includes the process of,

1. Building a list of keywords relevant to your business

2. Working on Competitor analysis

3. Identifying negative keywords which have an impact on any business.

Targeting the right audience in the right location:

We use geo-targeting to reach potential customers by displaying your ads that have the highest chances of conversion. Our clients can see a gradual increase in their revenue as we focus on targeting the right people in the right location.


Our performance management team will be continuously monitoring the ongoing PPC campaigns. So, we maintain transparency in sharing the on-time performance reports to give you an idea of how your ad campaigns are performing.

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